Race Calendar

Mon 2 Jul 18 - Deadline for shipping
All subs need to be in Gosport by this date, so that they are ready for dry inspections on the Wednesday. Overseas teams will need to make air freight arrangements so that their subs arrive in the UK before this date. The boats will need to clear UK Customs, and be shipped from the airport to Gosport. This all takes time, and any delays may mean you don't get to race, so don't miss this deadline!

European teams bringing their boats into the UK by ferry or Eurotunnel should plan to arrive on a week day, as service at HM Customs on a weekend can be limited, and if problems arise with the paperwork, you won't be able to move until Monday.
Wed 4 Jul 18 - Registration & dry inspections
Registration will be open at the Kingfisher Caravan Park. Once registered, teams can go meet their submarines, unpack and set up their workstations at QinetiQ’s Ocean Basin facility. Judges will conduct the dry inspections as soon as each submarine is ready.
Thu-Fri 5-6 Jul 18 - Diver check-outs, ballasting and wet-inspections
In-water operations begin Thursday and continue into Friday. Divers will have to attend an interview (team by team) with the Dive Safety Team, and those with completed paperwork will be allowed into the basin for a familiarisation dive. Once this dive is complete, teams and their dry-checked subs will be allowed into the basin to complete ballasting and pass their wet inspections.
Sat 7 Jul 18 - Master classes, graduate fair and Open Day
A set of master classes on submarine design and underwater technology will be held during the morning at the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard. Participants will be able to attend and learn about the current challenges of operational submarine design and manufacture, on both the military and civilian fronts. The master classes will also be open to students not taking part in the races themselves.

A graduate fair will take place during the afternoon. Sponsor companies looking to recruit students to their graduate programmes will have stands set up around the venue. Participants in the races and master classes will have an exclusive opportunity to speak with the companies about employment possibilities before the doors are opened to the general public.

In the afternoon, teams will present their submarines to the public. Some alumni boats will be displayed around the venue and outside to attract visitors inside. Teams will present posters, models, videos, etc, inside to visitors during the course of the afternoon. The graduate fair will also continue through the afternoon, providing sponsor companies with a chance to present their work to the general public and to graduating students not immediately involved in the races or the master classes.
Mon 9 Jul 18 - Racing begins
As only six submarines will be allowed in the water at any given time, teams will be assigned to either morning or afternoon racing time slots. The initial schedule will be adjusted over the course of the day as teams need flexibility to make repairs and/or adjustments.
Wed 11 Jul 18 - Sponsors and Press Day
Official visitors and the press are invited to see the racing for themselves. Teams wishing to invite their sponsors to attend the races are encouraged to schedule such visits for today.
Fri 13 Jul 18 - VIP Day, Agility Competition, Wrap-Up and Awards
Invited guests from military and civilian organisations will be present throughout the day to see for themselves what students are capable of.

The final day of racing will be devoted to the Agility Competition. Teams will have to qualify over the course of the week to compete in this separate competition.

Racing will be done by 2pm. The rest of the afternoon will be devoted to clearing out of the Ocean Basin and off the QinetiQ site by 5pm. All teams will be expected to clear up their own subs and equipment and make their own return shipping arrangements.

The formal (black tie) awards ceremony and dinner will be held at the Royal Maritime Club, in Portsmouth.
Sat 14 Jul 18 - Check out & departure
Teams will need to check out of the accommodation by 10 AM on the Saturday.