Due to visitor restrictions at the QinetiQ site, it will not be possible this year for the public to come to the races, so instead the races are coming to the public! A special Open Day is being planned for the afternoon of the middle Saturday at the Historic Dockyard in Portsmouth. Visitors will be able to see some of the submarines and meet the teams who designed and built them.

A big part of engineering is communication, and this event is an opportunity for the students to show off the hard work they’ve put into the design and construction of their unique machines. Visitors can get a feel for the cramped and mentally challenging conditions the pilots face when locked and loaded into their machines. They will be able to learn from the student teams about the propulsion, control and efficiency challenges the teams have had to overcome to get their boats to the starting line.

Sponsor companies will also be displaying on site. Visitors to the Open Day will also have the opportunity to speak with the sponsors about the underwater work they do and what a career in marine engineering is all about.

Doors open at 12:30 and close at 17:00. Admission is free. Kids are welcome!

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