Registration to compete in the European International Submarine Races is straightforward, but there are a few steps. This page will help you and your team to complete the administrative requirements in good time.

Step 1 - Register your Team

Use the form on this page to register your team’s interest in taking part in the eISR 2018. You’ll be asked to provide contact information for your team and an address where you can be invoiced for the 300 GBP initial deposit.

Step 2 - Pay the Initial Registration Deposit

Deadline 3 November 2017

When you receive the invoice from the IMarEST, arrange for it to be paid by your team or institution. Payment of the non-refundable deposit will secure you a place in the engineering part of the competition, which started July 15, 2017. Teams who miss the fee payment deadline will still be allowed to register, but they will be charged a 50 GBP late fee.

It will give you and your team access to the online resources the Race Organisers will be compiling over the coming months to help you design and build a successful submarine. Your team will also have a page on the website which you can use to promote your project to sponsors, your university and/or your local press.

Step 3 - Team members register individually

Once the team is signed up, the website will be open for your team members to register individually. They will then be added to the race news forum so that all are informed of progress and development. Team captains will receive an email with instructions on how team members can register.

Step 4 - Send info for the website

As your team finalises its membership and your submarine starts to take shape, you will be able to update your website. The layout of the page will be uniform across all teams, but the content will of course be yours to design and present in whatever format you feel appropriate. You will of course be able to update your team page throughout the winter’s competition. Instructions will follow in due course.

Step 5 - Design and build your Submarine

This is the fun bit.

Step 6 - Upload the Qualification Materials

  • Initial Design Brief
  • Photographs of the various systems
  • Video of the submarine underway underwater
  • Final Design Report

As you complete the requirements, you should upload them to the site. The rules specify exactly what the judges want to read/see. Once they’ve signed off that your submission meets their requirements, then we’ll update your status accordingly on the website. The first 12 teams to complete all of these requirements will be awarded a place on the starting line. If you don’t make the first 12, then upload your materials anyway - there is usually at least one last-minute drop-out, and teams on the waiting list will be offered a place in the order they completed the qualification requirements.

Step 7 - Pay the balance of the Registration Fee

As soon as the judges have qualified you to race, you’ll be emailed an invoice by the IMarEST. Your payment of this invoice is your official acceptance of their invitation to race. Your hard engineering work has paid off - now it’s time to train your pilot and support divers for the sporting part of the competition.

Step 8 - Team members upload their Diving Qualifications

  • Scans (front & back) of Qualification Card
  • Diving Log Records (at least 10 open water dives post qualification)

All divers must upload their diving qualifications before coming to Gosport. Each qualifying team must have uploaded documentation for three fully qualified divers before the 30th of April 2018 (or face disqualification until the documentation is complete and acceptable to the judges).

The remaining divers must have uploaded their supporting documents before the 31st of May 2018. Any divers who do not complete this requirement in time are unlikely to be allowed to dive during the races. Keep this deadline in mind as the clock and calendar tick on this winter.

Step 9 - Finalise Attendance

Deadline 1 June 2018

There will always be last minute changes to team composition as people suddenly land jobs or get called to serve their country. As teams qualify to race, we’ll chase team captains to ensure that all team members’ paperwork is finalised. Security on QinetiQ’s base is tight, and if the paperwork isn’t submitted early enough, then you’re not going to be allowed on.

Step 10 - Upload Shipping Information

Deadline late June 2018

Help us to help you. The Race Organisers have been moving human-powered submarines back and forth across the Atlantic for over ten years now. We know how to do it, and we know how to do it economically. Once we know how many teams are coming from overseas, we will negotiate a rate with a freight forwarding company and let you compare that to what you can find on your own. Customs formalities are likewise fraught with pitfalls, so upload your paperwork as soon as you know what your sub will weigh, and we’ll put you in touch with the brokers who can clear your creations into the UK in time for you to race.

Step 11 - Pay your Accommodation Bill

Deadline 1 July 2018

The Race Organisers will have booked one static caravan (mobile home) for each team. Most of the caravans sleep 6 people, and all have a kitchen, shower and sitting room. Prices range according to the size and relative comfort of the caravans - details will be provided later in the year. If your team is larger than 6, then you’ll need to book extra tent space. The caravan park has plenty of room, and the camping fee is very reasonable. Again, more details in due course.

Caravans will be assigned on a first-qualified, first-served basis. Once you’ve chosen your caravan, you will be sent an invoice by the IMarEST for the caravan booking. This needs to be paid before you come to Gosport. Camping fees you will sort out directly with the caravan park.

Step 12 - Race your Submarine!

By the time this step rolls around, we figure you’ll be ready to go. Good luck.