Warwick Submarine Team

Warwick Submarine Team


University of Warwick


Coventry, United Kingdom
Warwick Submarine Team

Mission Statement, History and Description

Our mission is to design, develop, validate and deliver a race worthy competitor to the European International Submarine Races in 2018.

Warwick Sub is a team of engineering finalists at the University of Warwick.
In support of our master’s degrees, we are to design and build a race worthy human-powered submarine to compete in the European International Submarine Races. We have access to cutting edge engineering research from both Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG) and the Warwick School of Engineering, and along with our sponsorship partners, we're ready to make waves with our newest entry.

Godiva 4 will be Warwick Sub’s fifth human-powered racing submarine. The team entered the second eISR in 2014 with HPS Shakespeare, and has taken part in every race since then. Godiva 3, the team’s entry to the 2017 race in Washington, DC, finished third in division and won the award for Best Use of Composites.

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Warwick Submarine Team