Delft University of Technology


Delft, Netherlands

Mission Statement, History and Description

Wasub is a Dreamteam with members of the TU Delft, the VU Amsterdam and the Hague university of Applied Sciences. The team consists of more than 25 students of different disciplines. Together they have one goal, design and build a human-driven submarine.

Every year a new team designs and build a human powered submarine.
In recent years WASUB has had great success. The team currently holds the world-speed record for human-powered submarines. A speed 2 times as fast as an Olympic swimmer, 13.74 km/h. They achieved this three years ago at the International Submarine Races in Washington DC.

With an all new design this year, WASUB is looking to build on our past success at previous international races. To get there, we are focusing on both design hydrodynamics and high intensity pilot training.

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