The races are held at QinetiQ's Ocean Basin testing facility at Haslar, Gosport, England. The basin is 122m x 61m, 5.5m deep. The water is swimming pool quality, though not heated – temperatures are typically about 15C/60F. Good wetsuits or drysuits are a must! The water is lightly chlorinated, and a pH of about 8.2 is maintained. The facility is well lit, with large windows and skylights.

QinetiQ's Haslar Technology Park is a secure facility. Contestants are required to wear identification at all times, and are not allowed to wander about the site. There is no need to do so, as all is provided in or near the Ocean Basin building. Anyone found wandering unescorted around the facility will find themselves very suddenly removed from the grounds, and may not be allowed back in.

The use of cameras (video or still) outside designated areas is not permitted. All cameras require a pass. Application forms will be available on the website nearer to time. Camera-equipped cell phones are not allowed to be used outside the Ocean Basin building.

As should be pretty obvious, the possession or use of illegal drugs is absolutely prohibited anywhere in the Technology Park - offenders will find themselves explaining their behaviour to the Police. Alcohol, while not illegal, is not to be consumed on site. Any abuse, either on the QinetiQ site, or at the campsite, could result in the offender's team being disqualified from further racing and/or the team being barred from future races.

It is the responsibility of every individual and team to secure and look after their own equipment. Neither QinetiQ nor the Race Organisers accept any liability for loss, damage or theft. Help and support amongst teams is encouraged, but make sure your gear is readily identifiable, and that you keep track of where stuff is.