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European International Submarine Races

The third biennial European International Submarine Race (eISR) will be held from the 6th to the 15th of July 2016 in Gosport, England. Teams of University students will race their human-powered submarines against the clock around a demanding slalom course in a unique sporting and engineering challenge.


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There are a maximum of 12 spaces available at eISR 2016. We realise that there are several more teams interested in racing than we have spots available at the starting line. We have therefore introduced a set of pre-race qualification requirements. The first twelve teams to complete all of the following requirements will qualify to race. Any remaining teams which complete these requirements will qualify for the waiting list.

  1. The single page list of parameters specified in Rulebook paragraph 101
  2. Photographs of the completed submarine, providing external and internal views
  3. A video of the submarine underway underwater
  4. The Design Report specified in Rulebook paragraph 102

Submission will be via upload to the race moodle site. Instructions and a link will be provided shortly.

The entry fee of £1,000 GBP will be payable when a team is awarded a place.

This website will show the progress teams are making towards providing all 4 pieces of evidence.

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